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STED: Linking the Internet of Things to the Blockchain

Supported by the SUPACT (secure and unified protocol for asset channeling technology), and the Super SUPA Token: With 10 billion smart devices (aka things) connected to the internet, with an expected 45B more coming online by 2025. Blockchain, a decentralized technology, derives values by offering security and trust with its distributed ledger technologies and structures. IoT provides an ideal ecosystem for blockchain technologies. They can work together in a new business model and domain that will generate immeasurable values through collecting and exchange data and services between smart devices.

That’s why Hong Kong-based STED and SUPACT, its proprietary Secure and Unified Protocol for Assets Channeling Technology, come in.

“STED” stands for Secure and Trusted Exchange of Data. Its mission is:

  • to create interconnectivity and operability, promote scalability, and advance efficiency so the things in the Internet of Things can talk to each other and
  • to foster a free and efficient monetization of data and service with micropayment capability.

To achieve this vision, STED makes use of Blockchain technologies, Artificial Intelligence and the communications technology SUPACT, which is compatible with most, if not all, public blockchains.

As payment is indispensable in the process of data and service exchange and this value flow, STED will incorporate micropayment capability into its platform.

The characteristics of STED micropayment capability can be summed up in the acronym SPEEEED:

Security & Privacy: encrypted secure tunnel for all transactions

Efficiency: in the order of millions transactions per second (MTPS)

Economy: almost free transactions

Ease: programmability & IoT device OTA (Over the Air) transactions

Everywhere: global service listing, access and transaction

Digitization: AI-assisted asset digitization into data and services with values

STED SDKs are already in use by IoT vendors in Greater China, Australia and the Middle East. Numerous IoT manufacturers have also been beta-testing the STED functionalities for the past year.

There is a great team behind STED, consisting of former executives of outfits like Google, Cisco and IBM, communications-technology patent holders, smart-city architects and service-delivery platform providers, IT and OT leaders, veteran developers, a GPS-mapping pioneer and a member of Mensa International, renowned strategic development and legal advisers, and experienced finance advisors.

“My colleagues and I have been developing and proving this technology for a decade,” says STED CEO noted Hong Kong based tech, business, and entertainment executive Eric Choy. “We see huge business potential in taking IoT and blockchain to the next level. It’s been a long, hard road, but it’s one we’re determined to travel for the benefit of IoT users everywhere.

For more detail on STED, SUPACT, and the SUPA (think Super!) token, please check out the site and whitepapers.

For more information on and SUPA, please see:

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