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Work From Home Jobs In Bangalore

With easy access to computers, broadband connectivity, and cheaper telecommunication, Bangalore and India is now offering a great platform for work from home jobs in Bangalore . If you are an expert in some field and you have a computer with internet connectivity and a telephone, you can get started immediately. The environment is just right for freelance jobs The cost of searching for a suitable candidate, hiring, training, and providing facilities to an employee are rising, and that's why many companies are looking for freelancers, especially when it's a one-off project or the work load is low.Work From Home Jobs In Bangalore jobs are
finding it difficult or expensive to get the required level of expertise for hiring. Here comes the freelancer.

Freelance job opportunities in India

Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai are the hubs where all sizes of companies reside and therefore these cities offer more opportunities for freelancers. You can get freelance jobs for writing, web and graphic designing, SEO, marketing, software development, data entry, data processing, financial work, legal work, and many big and small online and offline tasks.
Getting work regularly in a freelance job
So, turns out you have substantial expertise in your domain and you want to morph into a freelancer; but nobody is contacting you for work. Freelance jobs require a certain level of marketing skills too. You need to showcase your work and market it to the right people.
Here are some steps to get started: Work From Home Jobs In Bangalore
1. Visit all major freelance job sites like,,, etc. and reply to all the postings that are suitable for your expertise. There are many paid and bidding-based sites too like,,, etc. Just types the keywords in Google and you will get many.
2. Search for freelance job postings on other job sites like Naukri, Monster, Times Jobs, etc.
3. Prepare an online showcase in the form of a website or a blog. This should contain your professional experience, educational background, examples of your work, and your contact details. Promote your online presence by sending the link in all your emails. It would be great if you can optimize your website for search engines, so that you can get organic enquiries through Google or Yahoo.
4. Make a network by contacting people who might need your service through mail or phone.
Remuneration in a freelance job
Sadly, in India freelancers with low or mediocre skills don't get paid much unless they do large volumes of work. If you offer superior services, you can charge a premium and do only high-quality work. To decide your rates, do a search on the web and send mock mails to other freelancers and find out how much they are charging. Also visit freelance sites to see what clients are offering for different kind of projects. This will help you in quoting the right amount to your clients.
Surviving in the freelance world is tough but rewarding
There is tough competition in the freelance world too and it's not easy to survive unless you have a few fixed clients who trust you. But, if you have decided to take that step, remember that freelancing does not come alone. It's a packaged deal where you have to become a leader, market your skills, thwart the competition, manage different jobs at the same time, handle finance and collections, service and nurture clients, and do a lot more while producing high-quality work. If you are able to soar above all these challenges, you will earn much more than your regular job and enjoy it too.
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Questra World (Holdings) About Company:

An 8 Year Old Company Developed In 2009 and Became Questra Holdings By Name In 2013.

Questra Holdings offers partners a way to earn 4% - 6% returns on their money – WEEKLY!

Questra has 25 fund managers. You are purchasing a ‘Managers service’ and EARN on 52 WEEKS of INCOME Distribution in your account which you can withdraw or reinvest. After 365 days the portfolio expires.

Some Facts about Company:

18 additional Worldwide offices are opening this year questra has 158 Employees in 28 countries Is in cooperation with Bloomberg Yearly audit with CGS (Certificate Of Good Standing).

How Does Questra Make Money?

Questra world 4 Business Areas:

>> Purchasing and Selling Debentures by Buying insolvent companies, then splitting them and selling them for high profits ( 10% - 3000% )

>> Offering financial support to licensed start – up companies on the stock market for gains on these companies

>> Buy and sell large real estate deals

>> Trading on the IPO market

More Great Things To Know About Questra:

Every Investor gets contract documents All investments are insured. Value of insurance fund is €54 Million. During the last 7 years Qustra World Deal has had an average of 88% PROFIT rate!

Career level and Benefits for the leaders:

1st Level – Newcomer – 5% ( Commission) – Below €3000 (Volume of Sales)

2nd Level – Bronze Agent – 7% (Commission) – Above €3000

3rd Level – Silver Agent - 9% (Commission) – Above €25,000 (€1,000 Free Bonus)

4th Level – Gold Agent - 10.5% (Commission) – Above €50,000 (€2,000 FB)

5th Level – Platinum Agent - 12.5% (Commission) – Above €100,000 (€5,000 FB)

6th Level – Bronze Director - 13% (Commission) – Above €500,000 (€20,000 FB)

7th Level – Silver Director - 14% (Commission) – Above €1000,000 (€50,000 FB)

8th Level - Gold Director - 14.5% (Commission) – Above €3000,000 (€150,000 FB)

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