India’s Biggest & Fastest Growing Social Media Exchange Portal Provides WORK FROM ON LINE JOB OPPORTUNITY


Just spend maximum 1 to 2 Hrs of your convenient time and place using Mobile Phone/Laptop/Computer.


1- Daily Work Payout - You can earn Rs 100 to Rs 2500 and more every single Day amount credited directly to your bank account.

2- Promotional Income – Additional income you get Rs 400 to Rs 100,000/- and more every single week amount credited directly to your bank account.

Who can work?

House Wife, Individual, Business Owner, Web Developer, Enterpriser, Bloggers, SEO Experts, Cyber Café Owners.

What is the work?

Company will send you every day advertisers links to your ST Account, your job is to click the each links provided by them; as soon as you click the link (Website) will open for 30 sec and automatically closed by default.

Same way you have to click one after one links as many as you want for this company will pay you Rs 5/- for each click, this is called one type of income i.e. “Daily Work Payouts

You can choose Daily work payouts income whenever you need to credit in your Bank account as Daily, Weekly or Monthly, Company will send directly to your Bank Account.

Promotional Income(Weekly) SMS BANK PROOF

Promotional Income(Weekly) SMS BANK PROOF

What is Promotional Income?

After you joining, if you refer minimum 2 people under you example; Left side person called “A” and Right Side person called “B”, both people would do same way as like you did (duplication) and team will start grow gradually..

Your team will start grow automatically even some time without you notice, company will pay weekly Rs 400 to Rs 4000/- for each same pair matches and it could be any number of matching accordingly company will pay directly to your bank account.

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Plenty of Freelance and Part Time Job Opportunities in Mumbai - by Neha Khatri

The Mumbai city earlier know as Bombay till 1995, it is a great harbour city, located on the west coastal area of the Indian peninsula. It is one of India's leading urban centers and undoubtedly this city is one of the greatest, largest and most densely populated cities in all over the world. Taking its name from Mumbai Devi, a goddess of the local Koli fishing peoples and other natives, the city's outstanding natural harbour gave a focal point for sea routes for crossing the Arabian Sea, and Mumbai
will soon became the main western gateway to Britain's expanding Indian empire. The city came out as a center of manufacturing and industry during the eighteenth century. Today, Mumbai is India's financial and commercial capital, as well as the capital city of Maharashtra State.

Mumbai is full with people from all across the world. It is the land of dreams. Mumbai has got better opportunities for jobs and businesses in comparison to other cities.
As we all know that India is growing in economy with the growth of IT sector. This field requires huge manpower as now the expectations from this sector are also high. Companies these days are looking for freelancers, computer operators jobs in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and Kolkata. These jobs are also helping in reducing the problem of unemployment in India. The computer operator jobs, freelance jobs are nicely paid in our country. With the part time jobs and freelance jobs, the major advantage is at both the sides i.e., company reduces its cost of infrastructure while the employee has the benefit of working from home, on their own terms and conditions. Freelancers or part time employees do not have tension of regular office visits and attendance issues. They can work anytime at the comfort of being at home only.

If you are the interested in part time jobs or computer operator jobs or freelance jobs in Mumbai then you have the best option of finding it through the website named khojle. It is a free classified portal which provides information on services like property, vehicles, mobile, jobs etc. in almost every part of India from Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata to Chandigarh, Agra and Aligarh. The job seekers can also apply the jobs with just the click of mouse.

For example there are freelance job of copy editors in Mumbai with experience of 3-5 years. The candidate should have excellent command over American, English, grammar, punctuation with knowledge of online content, news, aptitude for the finer points of copy editing style. In the same manner, there is a variety of part time jobs and computer operator jobs in Mumbai on khojle.

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