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What is the work?

Company i.e. Afofee will provides Tasks every single day (All seven days No holiday) you will get 5 Advertising links every day, your work is to post these links in your Facebook that’s all, to do this it will take maximum 5 mins of your continent time, for this work company will pay every single day 0.5 % of your investment.

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Apart from above mentioned Income Company will pay 5% as a Referral Income and 8% as a Matching Binary Income.

To work with this Company & Earn Big money Every single day, you have to purchase any of the below mentioned package..

Package Details (Investment or Buy)

1, Rs 6500/- or $100 – Professional Package

2, Rs 16,500/- or $250 – Enterprises Package

3, Rs 32,500/ or $500 - Premium Package

4, Rs 655,000/ or $1000 – Supper Premium Package

Your Money will be increase 250% of your Investment in Just 5.5 Months or 165 Days.

Benefits of Joining with Afofee:

· No Booster Required.

· 2 and Half times of Your Money in Just 5.5 Months

· 5 % Direct Referral Income

· 8 % Binary Income (Matching Left & Right)

· ID Gets Activated in Just 2 to 3 Hrs..

· Help Desk will Response time within 24Hrs

· Daily Tasks all Days 7 Days

· No Holiday

How much you can earn Daily with Afofee using the above Plans (5.5 Months or 165 Days)

1, Professional Package – Rs. 6,500 (Investment)

· Daily Income – Rs. 125

· Total Income – Rs. 16,400

· Plan Validity – 5.5 Months

Additional you can earn Matching Binary Income

· Direct Income – 5%

· Binary Income – 8%

2, Enterprise Package – Rs. 16250 (Investment)

· Daily Income – Rs. 250

· Total Income – Rs. 41,000

· Plan Validity – 5.5 Months

Additional you can earn Matching Binary Income

· Direct Income – 5%

· Binary Income – 8%

3, Premium Package – Rs. 32,500 (Investment)

· Daily Income – Rs. 500

· Total Income – Rs. 82,000

· Plan Validity – 5.5 Months

Additional you can earn Matching Binary Income

· Direct Income – 5%

· Binary Income – 8%

4, Super Premium Package – Rs. 65,000 (Investment)

· Daily Income – Rs. 1000

· Total Income – Rs. 1,64,000

· Plan Validity – 5.5 Months

Additional you can earn Matching Binary Income

· Direct Income – 8%

· Binary Income – 8%

Apart from above mentioned income you will get discount vouchers and many more exciting benefits from Afofee..

Please contact for complete support – Hindi, English, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam

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What is Afofee?

Afofee is purely an Advertising company who promotes or advertises the brand products or their clients through their subscribers. Their vision is to bring the entire world under the same platform & give them the best option to advertise their brands for their customers to buy the best products as well and best way to earn money online by doing online work.

It was started the year of 2011 by 2 Brazilians friends Jorge Safra & Douglas Flinto and now working almost 8 countries including INDIA, CHINA, RUSSIA, BANGLADESH, INDONESIA, MALAYSIA, USA & BRAZIL.

Afofee global services

Afofee is a united platform of different internet based companie







All of the above mention are coordinates those who are serving globally.

Afofee join hands with Zuvoki.com to operate in India and has a branch office in Vashi, Maharashtra.

Please contact for complete Help/Info & one side strong Team building support, Type “Afofee Join” and send it WhatsApp Number - 7899255349.

Part Time Jobs in Bangalore: Earning while Learning by Nidhu Gupta

Part time jobs in Bangalore has provided great advantage to students or housewives or those people who are not able to provide their complete day staying at office. It's an easy of way of earning while staying at home. Some these jobs are also referred as earning while learning. As more and more companies are outsourcing their works to freelancers, it has become easy to find freelancer jobs in Bangalore. Many renowned BPO companies are also hiring students
on part time basis who have excellent verbal communication skills.Students can use their few couple of free hours during the day or even at night and can easily get a good salary package.

Spending your leisure time by sleeping, well look out for these freelancing jobs available in Bangalore for earning some cash:

Content Writing Jobs: If you have high-quality writing skills and interested in writing different articles and blogs on various topics, you can easily get a jobs for work from home in Bangalore as freelance writer.

Call Center Jobs: Several BPO and KPO industries are also hiring students on part time work basis with handsome salaries.These are non-technical jobs so you don't need any training or courses to follow up. If you are good at communicating with people then you can easily grab some money from these call centers.

Data Entry Jobs: Data entry jobs in Bangalore have seen a tremendous rise in number of applicants applying for part time works. Web workers can easily pick out data entry tasks like web content writing, answering surveys, and transcribing audio files to written documents to name a few.

Retailer Jobs: Retail stores in Bangalore are providing great opportunity to the people opting for part time jobs in Bangalore. Vishal Mega Mart and Big Bazar are established retail ventures providing great opportunities for the graduates, undergraduates and other professionals.

Global Food Chain Jobs: Global food chains like McDonalds, KFC and Caf© Coffee Day are establishing their outlets in Bangalore. Thus, for the purpose they always have requirements of people who can work for few hours according to suitability.

Internet Marketing Jobs:Internet marketing or SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is a good source of part time earning through promoting services or products online. There are different IM jobs available in various companies like web marketer, social media marketer and SEO consultants.
These jobs are often published in newspapers and outlets. But the best way of searching freelancer jobs in Bangalore is through online classified websites, which provides better opportunity and type of part time jobs.

About the Author

Visit khojle.in to search part time jobs in Bangalore like freelancer jobs in Bangalore and work from home in Bangalore or data entry jobs in Bangalore.