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Classifieds Help You to Find a Part-Time Job - by Pankaj Saini

Finding a job on classifieds is very easy. It does not matter that you want to do full-time or part-time service. Exploring for part-time vacancy is not a simple task because there are not many companies, which provide such openings. On the other hand, the social circle of the people is very small these days; it makes the problem a little bigger. However, there are some organizations, which want employers to work part-time or from home. There are many
firms that want to take college students as they have extra time especially in weekend or evening. These learners are very energetic and innovative also this is also a big reason, why they are the favorites.

If some person conducts a hunt for a part-time position at that moment, he or she finds openings for data entry, survey job, ad posting, medical transcription etc. Firm who wants potential workers will leave contact info on the notice. Working time and salary are also told. On the other side, if the job seeker does not find suitable opening on that occasion, a €job wanted announcement' can be placed. In this manner, the recruiter can contact him or her.
Two Sources

There are two mediums where you can search for part-time position i.e. print and online mode. Both of them are very reputed and reliable. However, majority of the people prefer online mode. There are many online platforms that do not charge at all from all over India. Imagine, you are residing in Amritsar at that instant; you can explore for free classifieds in Amritsar. It is situated in Punjab and has€Golden Temple which attracts more visitors than the famous Taj Mahal. There is lots of other reason why the Internet is the favorite one such as long reach, no regional boundaries, convenient to use, fastest mode, smooth and so on.
Which Site Should You Choose?

You should select the portal that does not charge at all. There are lots of free Indian classified sites that provide unpaid service. Some of them are MapleMe, olx, craiglist, quikr, clickIndia, locanto, adsglobe, indialist, meramaal and so on. You can have the benefits of these websites. It is just a fun to use such online platform.

You can use this from any place. For instance, you are from Jalandhar at that point, you can explore for free classified ads in Jalandhar, which is situated in Punjab. It is very populous city of the state. It is not a child's play to explore in such a populated place.
How to Do It?

You have to post your notice. If you choose the best mode i.e. online portal at that instant, you have to follow a very simple but a proper way. Fill all the details to sign-up and complete the registration. After that, select the category, area, contact info and so on. Now, you are ready to do the exploring.
It does not matter that in which place in India, you are living. You can advertise your commercial. Suppose, you are residing in Ludhiana then you can post free classified ads in Ludhiana. It is in Punjab and the largest city. Therefore, you can easily find a part-time vacancy via such online platforms. Your lots of time and money will be saved.
All the very best for the job!

About the Author

The author has above 5 years of experience in online marketing and is presently serving as a professional guide at MapleMe . This piece of writing talks about Free Classified Ads in Mysore , Post Free Classified Ads in Mangalore and provides information about Free Classifieds in Bangalore to help the Internet users over the globe.

Questra World (Holdings) About Company:

An 8 Year Old Company Developed In 2009 and Became Questra Holdings By Name In 2013.

Questra Holdings offers partners a way to earn 4% - 6% returns on their money – WEEKLY!

Questra has 25 fund managers. You are purchasing a ‘Managers service’ and EARN on 52 WEEKS of INCOME Distribution in your account which you can withdraw or reinvest. After 365 days the portfolio expires.

Some Facts about Company:

18 additional Worldwide offices are opening this year questra has 158 Employees in 28 countries Is in cooperation with Bloomberg Yearly audit with CGS (Certificate Of Good Standing).

How Does Questra Make Money?

Questra world 4 Business Areas:

>> Purchasing and Selling Debentures by Buying insolvent companies, then splitting them and selling them for high profits ( 10% - 3000% )

>> Offering financial support to licensed start – up companies on the stock market for gains on these companies

>> Buy and sell large real estate deals

>> Trading on the IPO market

More Great Things To Know About Questra:

Every Investor gets contract documents All investments are insured. Value of insurance fund is €54 Million. During the last 7 years Qustra World Deal has had an average of 88% PROFIT rate!

Career level and Benefits for the leaders:

1st Level – Newcomer – 5% ( Commission) – Below €3000 (Volume of Sales)

2nd Level – Bronze Agent – 7% (Commission) – Above €3000

3rd Level – Silver Agent - 9% (Commission) – Above €25,000 (€1,000 Free Bonus)

4th Level – Gold Agent - 10.5% (Commission) – Above €50,000 (€2,000 FB)

5th Level – Platinum Agent - 12.5% (Commission) – Above €100,000 (€5,000 FB)

6th Level – Bronze Director - 13% (Commission) – Above €500,000 (€20,000 FB)

7th Level – Silver Director - 14% (Commission) – Above €1000,000 (€50,000 FB)

8th Level - Gold Director - 14.5% (Commission) – Above €3000,000 (€150,000 FB)

9th Level - Platinum D - 15% (Commission) – Above €100,00,000 (€500,000 FB)

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